Vintage/Old Hollywood.

goldenstonesbrokenbones said: You should do julia stiles!!!!

alright :D

Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow ( in my honest opinion, i could never figure this coupling out…for me they seemed like an odd couple. i liked him with ava better. just my opinion)
Greta Garbo :)
changing profile picture!!!!

just wondering who should be my profile pic
i already had Audrey,Frank,Paul and now someone neww :)
help me decide :D

Joan Crawford <3333 Queen Joan love you. seriously.



its that time guys so request an actress/actor/or anyone you want to see posted :)


please send in requests if you want to see a certain person posted :)

sorry if i keep reblogging this lol its so people can send in requests :p
btw you can request someone from the 20s up to the 90s :)

Sharon Tate :) not gonna lie i kinda like that top or dress or whatever it is. it spells out this is so 60s lol :p
Paul Newman <33333 so handsome and i love him :p

Anonymous said: Ooh and more Marilyn

i will post as soon as possible xoxo

Anonymous said: Do you think you can post more Audrey Hepburn?

alright :)

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